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After interviewing over 500 guests on a daily live TV show, I have learnt the skills to be able to put you in the spotlight without feeling that you’re on the spot. I will carry all the heavy lifting and as a female empowerment coach, share your expertise, gifts and journey with your audience, so that they will learn more about who you are and what you do. 

Our meeting will be Threefold ...
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Part 1 is where I research who you are and what you do and come up with questions for your interview (1hr)

camera ready

Part 2 is where I bounce the questions off you, but also get you camera ready, check the tech and help you prepare the ‘studio setup’ as professional as we can (30mins on Zoom)


Part 3 is the actual recording of the interview where you shine just by being your true self (30mins on Zoom) ​


the world needs to know who you are

Within a week from the interview, you will be sent the edited version of the interview where we make you and the video clip look and sound the best we can (1hr editing) 


This footage is recommended to use on your website to really shine. Also, it’s a very good way for anyone who lands on your website or social media accounts, to get to know you better. 


If you are a woman who is still unsure of what to say about herself but trusts that I handle this for you while we have a pleasant chat, then this is perfect for you. 




Investment: €199.

If you are ready to shine by taking it easy

and letting me guide you all along, click the link below. You will then be sent to a calendar where I will ask you for your details and to set an appointment to get you camera ready!



Writing on a Notebook

I did this online interview with Angèle Cristina - what can I say - simply WOW. Never done something like it before. She prepared me, set guidelines on what, how, when, gave me lots of tips re position, colours etc., just as she was next to me. Really professional and warm hearted. The interview itself was such a smooth interaction, she made me feel like I was talking to a friend, totally flowing. Many thanks Angèle for this experience as I am a bit shy and uncomfortable to talk about me. She really raised my confidence!